This is a breakdown of all the awards handed out at State Finals in March each year.

Top 16 Individuals: The individual quizzers with the top averages receive awards and are given the opportunity to quiz off and determine who represents Georgia at the regional competition held at Trevecca in April. Averages are determined by adding 20% of the yearly cumulative score plus 80% of the score from state finals. So while the yearly average is somewhat important, a lot can be determined at state finals.

Regional Teams: The Regional A & B teams are determined from the top 16 quiz off. The A team is simply the top 5 individuals from the top 16 quiz off. The B team is in most cases the next 5 from the top 16 quiz off, but only first and second year quizzers are allowed to quiz in the B league at regional levels. If the case arises in which there are not enough 1st and 2nd year quizzers in positions 6-10, then we go to position 11, 12, and so on until we find 5 quizzers that qualify for B-League quizzing. 

Top 6 Teams: The top 6 teams after the full round robin at state finals receive awards.

Memory Verse Awards: Any quizzer that memorizes all of the memory work from the books of study receives an award at state finals. Coaches must let me know by the February quiz if they have a quizzer who has memorized all of the memory verses.

According To Award: For this award a quizzer selects a chapter that they will memorize (must have at least 25 verses). I will then ask them 6 according to questions in which I will only read the scripture. For example, "According to Romans chapter 1, verse 14". The quizzer must then provide me with the correct question and answer within 30 seconds. They have to get four correct, before they error out in order to receive the award. This must be done by the February quiz as well. Contact Marolyn if you have a quizzer that is interested in pursuing this award.

Quizmaster Award: This award is voted on by coaches, quizmasters, and content judges at state finals. It is awarded to a quizzer that has best exemplified the spirit of Christ and a general love for the quizzing ministry throughout the year. If a tie in votes occurs, preference is given to older quizzers.